Cost and Purchase Management Consulting

Lowering the cost of doing business

There’s no getting away from it: businesses are expensive to run. And for organisations throughout the UK, they are often more expensive than they should be. Those organisations are paying much more than they should for their essential business costs.

Why? Firstly, because it can sometimes be very hard to know exactly where to start. And then, even when you do know where you might be overspending, many companies can’t afford the time it takes to get those essential business costs under control.
To address this issue, many organisations find themselves relying on their office or accounts staff to audit and review their current operational overheads. But there are two major problems with this approach.

Firstly, cost and purchase management isn’t their core competency: the market is inundated with a vast range of essential business services providers. And secondly, the time spent hunting down a better deal is time that these members of staff could be spending more valuably by focusing on their key areas of skill – helping the business make more money.

Our partner, Charles Nishikawa is a certified affiliate consultant of Auditel Cost Management Consulting Group, which is one of the largest cost management consultancies in UK with 120 consultants. Since 1994, Auditel have built a client base of over 2000 companies and are currently managing £100 million of expenditure.

What are the cost categories

Communication (fixed, mobile & data), Energy (gas & electricity), Water, Waste Management, Office Consumables & Services, Insurance and Rent & Rates Appeal.

What are the average savings

    Category                                            High                                   Average

    Electricity                                            44%                                    12%

    Gas                                                    41%                                    15%

    Communication                                     60%                                    33%

    Water                                                 90%                                    16%

What are the benefits of the Auditel service

  • Performance Driven Consultancy
  • No-win, No-fee structure (No Up-front Fee)
  • Low Risk Proposition
  • Totally Independent
  • In-depth Industry Knowledge and Database
  • Fully Managed Implementation Program
  • Ongoing Management and Post-audit Reviews
  • Significant Buying Influence and Supplier Brand Recognition
What we have achieved

Pizza Express: Totally £2,790,000 of energy and communication cost savings over 8 years

£135,000 p.a. of energy and communication cost savings over 80 sites

Major Airline Company
: £40,000 p.a. of fixed and mobile communications and electricity cost savings

Major Shipping Company: £7,000 p.a. reduction of fixed telephone bills without changing a supplier. £3,400 refund of historical miss-billing over 3 years

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